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I: Key points of pesticide residue control system

1. Base selection: Choose fertile land without pollution and good environment to reduce the pollution of agricultural chemicals that may exist in the land; The soil is required to be relatively clean, the air is fresh, and the water quality is good.
Pesticide production: Strict selection of manufacturing plants to ensure that pesticide ingredients meet the requirements of the importing country and detect pesticide ingredients before use;

2. Pesticide use: Normative operation, with the prediction of pest prevention, effective prevention and control;
Safe intervals for pesticide use: from 20 to 30 days prior to harvest, all pesticides are discontinued, and pesticides in fresh vegetables are gradually decomposed, eventually reaching pesticide residues;

3. Detection analysis: According to the requirements of different importing countries and regions, quantitative detection and analysis of pesticide residue components are carried out before vegetables are harvested.

II. Elements of a control system for parasites that may be attached to base materials

1. The choice of planting land: There is no pollution source around, the soil is clean, and it is far away from residential areas and livestock farms.

2. Fertilizer use: Use of special fertilizer processed by the factory and use of human and animal excrement is prohibited.

3. Control of the processing process: Strict personnel disinfection system, environmental hygiene control and warehouse

management measures to eliminate possible parasite pollution during the processing process through standardized management.

III. Quality control elements of the process

1. Acceptance of raw materials: The quality control staff is responsible for the inspection and acceptance of raw materials. The focus is on checking whether the raw materials come from their own farms, whether the quality meets the processing requirements, and control the quality of products from the source.

2. Selection of raw materials: After a strict selection process, the possible foreign body, defective vegetables, etc. are selected to improve the quality of the product.

3. Foreign body control: Prevention through strict environmental hygiene management measures and personnel hygiene management measures, as well as supervision and inspection by the quality control staff to eliminate the possibility of foreign matter mixed.

4. Product packaging: The use of high-quality packaging cartons / preparation bags has improved the sustainability of cartons, reduced the possibility of product collapse during the transportation process, and protected the excellent quality of products through packaging.

5.Warehouse management: The product warehouse is managed by the person responsible for safety, hygiene, temperature, and outbound storage, and is regularly cleaned and disinfected.

6.. Quality sampling: In the process of processing, strict standards for the quality of raw materials, packaging materials, and packaging procedures have been established, and layers of checks have been made.

IV. Selection of excellent vegetables / improvement of nutritional, healthy and delicious products

1. Consumers have a better taste of food by choosing high-quality, highly pathogenic vegetable varieties to improve the taste and taste of the final product.

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